about page 2 peopleWe created PARC Urology to care for all pediatric urology conditions – and to emphasize genital reconstruction, especially hypospadias repair in both children and adults. Genital problems are among the most common birth defects. They include undescended testicles, hypospadias and other penis abnormalities in boys, and problems with development of the vagina and urinary channel in girls. Surgery to correct these conditions is complex, and is best done by very experienced surgeons who do these operations frequently. At PARC Urology, we have a team approach with 2 specialists for these procedures.

We have one of the largest practices in the United States for hypospadias repair. We perform approximately 300 hypospadias operations per year, while the average number performed by pediatric urologists is 12 distal and 2 proximal hypospadias cases per year. In addition, we constantly review our results to offer the best available care, and publish our findings to help others in the field. Drs. Snodgrass and Bush have published more than 200 articles and book chapters.

Both uncorrected hypospadias and unsatisfactory childhood surgery for hypospadias may persist in teenagers and adult men. Unlike many pediatric urology centers, our surgeons are experienced and comfortable treating adults. In contrast to most adult urologists, including those specializing in reconstruction, our surgeons are highly experienced in adult hypospadias operations, with outcomes as good as we achieve in children.

Our surgeons at PARC Urology are world renowned, traveling each year to hospitals and medical centers around the world teaching reconstructive genital operations and evidence-based urology to other surgeons.