about page 2 peopleWorld-renowned hypospadias specialists Dr. Warren Snodgrass and Dr. Nicol Bush created PARC Urology in 2013 – a center providing innovative care for patients of all ages with penile birth defects. We repair hypospadias virtually every day of the week. Because of our high volume and expertise, our results for all degrees of hypospadias are among the very best.

In fact, Dr. Snodgrass developed the TIP repair, popularly knowns as the Snodgrass technique, which is the most commonly used operation in the world for hypospadias. He and Dr. Bush also improved the operation that gets the best results for severe hypospadias, known as the STAG repair. Patients travel to PARC Urology from across the United States and around the world to benefit from our commitment to excellence.

Hypospadias repair accounts for only 2% of all operations done each year by certified pediatric urologists, who do an average of 1 hypospadias operation a month. In contrast, Dr. Bush and Dr. Snodgrass have dedicated their professional careers to improving hypospadias surgery, especially for the most severe degrees and for reoperations when repairs done by other surgeons did not work. They emphasize the need to get the operation right the very first time.

Dr. Snodgrass and Dr. Bush share their knowledge gained from doing thousands of hypospadias operations with other surgeons to improve care for patients worldwide. The have published more scientific articles on hypospadias than any other surgeons in history, and have literally written the book on repairing hypospadias. The have visited more than 35 countries teaching and demonstrating surgery.

No other center in the U.S. offers a similar degree of commitment and proven expertise for hypospadias repair.