Various urinary conditions can be detected by ultrasound during pregnancy. Very few unborn babies need any special treatment before birth for these problems.

Dilation (hydronephrosis) of the kidney is the most common finding. Most this dilation is mild and may correct itself before birth. Persistent dilation of at least 1cm or greater may benefit from additional testing after birth. However, we generally do not recommend this testing be done immediately after birth except in rare circumstances.

Even more severe dilation of the kidney usually does not cause symptoms in newborns, and can improve itself over time. Surgery is rarely needed urgently after birth, or even in the first years of life. When an operation is recommended, we do the repair (pyeloplasty) using the surgical robot. This allows the skin incisions to be concealed below the belt line.

Other conditions affecting the kidney and bladder can also be suspected by ultrasound before birth. Our specialists at PARC Urology are happy to meet with expectant parents to discuss the specific situation and plans for post-natal evaluation and treatment.