At PARC Urology we offer hypospadias surgery to adults, including both first-time operations and reoperations after prior repairs.

We are specialists in hypospadias operations, and we are experienced in doing these repairs in adults with one of the largest series of adult hypospadias repairs in North America. Our results have been published, showing we achieve the same high success in adults as we do in children.

Unlike some surgeons, we advocate correcting the penis to appear normal, rather than leaving the urinary opening below the head of the penis. We do not recommend chronic dilations. Urethral strictures are very uncommon after TIP repair and 2-stage graft repairs in our hands.

Our home facility offers both pediatric and adult surgical services, making it a comfortable environment for adult patients. Painful x-ray studies or telescope exams while awake in the office are almost never needed in patients with hypospadias, since urinary blockage issues and any other problems from failed surgeries can be sorted out at the same time as the repair under anesthesia.

New Patient Visits

We invite you to fill out our new patient forms before your arrival. Please do not urinate within an hour or so of your scheduled appointment, as we will want to obtain a urine sample when you arrive.

If you have records of prior operations we ask that you bring those with you. If x-rays of the urinary channel have been made, please also bring copies of the actual pictures for our specialists to review. If these x-ray studies were recommended but have not yet been performed, please contact us since most can be avoided.

If you are traveling to Dallas from outside of North Texas we can assist you with recommendations for transportation from either DFW or Love Field, and for local accommodations near our hospital. Click here for more information.


We accept most major commercial insurances. We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid in adults.

Scheduling Surgery

Our surgery scheduler will assist in arranging your date for surgery, and will also precertify your insurance.

If you are traveling to Dallas from outside our region we can arrange outpatient evaluation with surgery already scheduled the following day. If you take aspirin we ask that you stop it 10 days prior to the scheduled operation. It is also best to stop smoking 2 weeks prior to surgery to improve penile blood flow.

Postoperative Care

Adults stay one night in the hospital after surgery. Instructions regarding bandages, catheters and medications are given at the time of your consultation. For patients traveling to Dallas from out of the area, please contact us so that we can provide you with detailed information regarding post-operative care and removal of the catheter to help you plan your visit.