Our surgeons will provide you specific written instructions for care of your child after surgery. This will include care of bandages and catheters, if used, and medications to relieve pain or prevent infection.

We also will provide you a password to access postoperative photographs. This will allow you to compare the appearance of the bandages or incisions after surgery in your child to what is expected. Our nurse and surgeons are also available to answer your questions, and will sometimes suggest you email a photograph of the surgical area for them to review.

Postoperative Instructions:

Hypospadias Repairs – TIP Repair

Hypospadias 1st Stage Graft Repairs

Hypospadias Repairs – 2nd Stage Repair

Circumcision, Phalloplasty

Hydroceles, Hernias, Varicoceles

Orchiopexy, Scrotal Surgeries

Reimplantation, Bladder, and Ureteral Surgery


Posteroperative Pictures